Blonde Human w/ a Red Streak in her hair.


Josh’s Character Met Sarah at the De’Faire party, after seeing her scanning the crowds just as he had been. He noticed her eyes have a dim glow to it, though once she spoke a word, it went away.

She was able to slip away through the crowd – but he found her again signing up as a scout for the expedition. He signed on as well and tried to tale her outside, where he found her waiting for him.

Soft spoken but firm, she asked what he wanted. He asked why her eyes were glowing, and she said “They weren’t glowing, you must have been mistaken.” a lie that was convincing, but not convincing enough.

When Josh Investigated more deeply into her by asking his Guild about her, the guild members said they had seen her around, the blond human with the red streak, but that she went by different names for each person. “Diana, Cait, Lyss, ETC” and none of them believed that her eyes glow “It’s a trick of the light.” they told him “Caused by a reflection of the moon or candles or whatever light is around.”

Sarah has joined the Caravan for the expedition as a scout.



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